Monday, June 11, 2007

Square Bookmark with Buttons Pattern

After some requests for a pattern for these bookmarks, I managed to cobble this one together. The instructions are sketchy and the diagram is a bit off-balance, but it's there! Now that I've figured out how I can do the diagrams I need to practice to refine them. But -- here's the square one with buttons if anybody is interested. I think if you click on the little picture it will open a bigger one that you can print.

After reading the comments on the size of the image, I resized it and am reposting it. I think it should print out on one page now -- without having to copy and paste it somewhere else before reprinting.


Anonymous said...

Love the bookmark. Printing it out and going to try and make it tonight. Thanks for share a really beautiful pattern.

Gina said...

Adorable! I had to copy it to a blank doc and reduce the size to get it to print right and I will probably find a way to not use buttons but how very clever! I can see using the buttons if I were making a mat of some kind. Thanks!
:-) Gina

laurie in maine said...

I also resorted to saving image & pasting to a word doc in order to get it to print out in full. But the misprints have a nice (huge :) diagram around the button which is what I hope to learn this week.

I'm actually teaching myself needle tatting so not sure if I'm any where near ready to try this! Button concept caught my eye last week and now after seeing your bookmark I must explore more!!