Sunday, March 25, 2007

Seventeenth Motif

More baby-lace made with Signature and Gütermann threads. My sister has dyed two more baby shirts, so we have to decide which bit of lace goes on the neck of which shirt. These are also variations of the first three bits of lace, they just varied a lot more.

Sixteenth Motif

My sister does fantastic tie-dyed everything (we have to hide anything white cotton from her if we want it to stay white). We are combining efforts to make some baby gifts -- she dyes the baby "onsies" and I decorate 'em. Well, just the little girl ones so far. I'm thinking some of Jane Eborall's little animals would look cute for boys. Hmmm...actually they'd look cute for girls, too. Can you imagine a nice pink flamingo on this shirt? This one is for our niece's first baby due next week. Yeah, we're going to be great aunts (not that we weren't pretty good already, you know). This little bit of lace is made with one strand of Signature pink ombre machine embroidery thread and one strand of Gütermann pink 100% cotton sewing thread. There is no pattern, just a
case of going where the shuttle leads. The next two were variations on a theme: