Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What Butterfly?

Angelica by Sherry Pence? Well, not quite. The pattern says "Experienced Beginner". I think that's maybe because they aren't arrogant enough to think they don't have to count or pay attention. Oops, that chain has one too many picots, have to make the other side match. I have this habit of always working with two shuttles. Without thinking, I switched shuttles instead of making those nice pointed wings. I tried it again.
Yeah, not the best color combination in the world, is it? I had some purple left from "Seven" and some orange left from the first try. I managed to not switch shuttles at the wing points, but STILL had one too many picots in that chain. Then I fiddled a bit with the end -- because (drat) where were those picots in the first ring? Okay, try again!
The color combination is better, and TA-DA I managed to get the right amount of picots in that chain. But I fiddled with the bottom on purpose this time. It wasn't the best idea I ever had.
Then I got a real wild hair and decided if I wasn't managing experienced beginner I better wander off to my personal drawing board and figure out what would work for me, because I really like these wings, you know! They're happy wings; they shout "I can fly!"
There. I started with these moth-like antennae that are so fun to make then did four split rings and worked these lovely wings off a picot, and finished up with the final tail ring. Okay, I added some extra picots and a few extra stitches here and there so the poor thing would flatten out. But, alas, the wings aren't nearly so happy.
Angelica's gotta go on the back burner until I learn to count and pay attention!