Saturday, May 8, 2010

Another Pendant

I've worn my fingers out -- two of them have a couple of severe thread dents, the kind from which a couple of layers of skin peel back. Working with size 20 thread always does this to my fingers. I think it's because I want the stuff to be as small as size 80 so I pull it tighter. My tension is very tense. *sigh*

I made this a couple of weeks ago. It was going to replace my exchange partner's pendant, because I was convinced the purple and silver one had gone missing. Nope, it got there safe and sound. This one I thought looked like a leaf. Some nice leafy earrings would look good with it -- but I've been babying my fingers, so those are still in the planning stage.

The thread is Oren Bayan multi-colored metallic. It matches any and all of the beads I have.

That's a pretty funny picture (lots of empty space), but I thought y'all might like to see the necklace, too. It's a very thin metal cable covered in see-through green plastic of some kind. The fastener screws together, so it's easy to put on. I think these things are perfect for pendants -- then you never have to worry about making the necklace part and whether or not it is going to be scratchy.

June 10:
I gave this one to my sister for her birthday. She claimed to have been coveting it since it was finished. Good! Green is her favorite color. Now she's waiting for those matching earrings!