Saturday, July 24, 2010

25 Motif Challenge - Numbers 7 and 8

See? I might actually get 25 done if I can keep up this momentum! Another pair made from the same pattern, but in different colors. This one is also my own pattern, but uses only four repeats. Both are made with size 40 Lizbeth (the size of the thread also dictates how many repeats are feasible. These were actually made before Mike gave me his suggestions for fastening onto the ball. The beads at the joining point of the top and bottom are being used as a knotting point. The thread runs in and out of the bead as it joins the picots, and there is a BUK (big ugly knot -- don't like to say that too loud) tied, tucked and hidden by the bead. I thought about tatting them together -- but having tried that once, I'm not anxious to try it again!