Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dreaming of Christmas?

The other day my sister discovered her Christmas jingle-bell necklace had ...um... mysteriously disintegrated. She had all the bells, but nothing else. Ooooo, golden opportunity! I had been wanting to make Yarnplayer's "Dream" necklace and earring set, but didn't have any drop beads, and couldn't decide on colors, or threads or anything else. For Christmas, it was easy -- my sister's favorite color is green and the bells were red and gold. I had to use size 30 DMC Cébélia thread instead of size 20 (because I don't own anything larger than 30). The bells look somewhat oversized for the thread, but it's lots prettier than the string on which they used to hang! The cord gave me some fits because I have a great deal of trouble counting clear to five -- or remembering if I'm on first half of ds or second half of ds. Still, it works, and she likes it. :) I just wish the photograph did it justice. I have to be braggy and say my tatting is better than my picture taking.

Oh -- for anyone that wanted to see my sister's dragon on Anemone Blanda, this is the picture that turned out best. I made her put a bunch of different dragons on it then choose the one she liked. This one represents her two daughters.