Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Something a Bit Different

Nope, these aren't tatted -- they're crocheted. They were all done a number of years ago (more than 5 certainly) and stored in tins or plastic bags or bins. Not a nice thing to do! They didn't wash up well, but my sister fixed 'em up when she was tie-dying. This first one was actually done by my mom. Somebody spilled something on it, and I told her I'd wash it and restarch it for her. Uh-huh, like a thousand years ago. Fortunately, she likes the result! It was twisted by itself then dyed in shades of purple and blue.
This second one was placed inside a t-shirt then twisted and dyed with the shirt in shades of blue. It used to be ecru, but very dirty ecru. I also think it was supposed to have individual pineapple points at the outer round. As I recall, it meant lots of threads to hide and I was sick of the color, so I just put it away. I like it the way it is now!
The third one was also placed inside a t-shirt and twisted then dyed in shades of purple. The picture doesn't do it justice!
Finally, she prepared a shirt and a doily for dying (soda-ash bath) and stretched them over a styrofoam board. I pinned the doily out to shape on top of the t-shirt. She put the dye into spray bottles and sprayed both the doily and the shirt. After an overnight stay in a plastic bag, they were separated, rinsed and washed. Then I pinned out the dyed doily. This one is all in one color of blue, but the back against the t-shirt didn't get dye on it, so the reverse side is pretty interesting. The t-shirt is mine, mine, mine!

Jeans Purse

Made from DMC size 80 yellow thread and vari-colored yellow-range beads, this is my representation of the sun. It's all made of split rings, and every ray was added separately. This is the front right-hand side "theme" for my Jeans Purse for the Tatting Treasures from Trash challenge. With the sun, I intend to use some flowers and butterflies and a few other small bits.
The front left-hand side has a night theme. So far I have completed the moon and some "maybe" stars. I know I'm going to use stars, but they might not be these particular samples. Ruth has put a number of star patterns on the Tatting Pattern Calendar and I intend to try out some of those. I know I want to use beads (because I'm a crow), so I'll have to work those into some of the patterns. They are all going to be colored stars, too -- a little realism, you know (well, very little).