Saturday, March 8, 2008

Pattern for Version 2 of Butterfly One

Because I'm working my fingers to the bone (and only getting bony fingers to show for it), I don't have a lot of new tatting to show off. Seems like a good time to go back to sharing those butterfly patterns I've got. This one is substantially the same as the original version. Instead of being built on an internal split ring, it is built on a chain that is joined together at the end. Hmmm -- it might work as a SCMR, I never even thought to try that. This has not been test tatted by anyone -- it's just my notes on "How I did It" (makes me feel like Viktor Frankenstein).
If this .jpg doesn't work for you and you are a member of Here-Be-Tatters or ETatters I'm posting a .pdf version on those sites.