Tuesday, July 14, 2009

'Nother Modification

Our assignment in the Design-Tat course was to take a snowflake pattern and adapt it into a heart. I used my own pattern (because I already had it in my drawing program). If this looks familiar -- well, it should! This is based on the same snowflake as the butterfly in the previous post. The first incarnation just wasn't working at all, so I cut it off the shuttles. It needed something lower between two of the points, but certainly not the upside-down overly-long chain that I started with. The first complete heart doesn't look too bad, but didn't dip down enough at the top to suit me. Back to the drawing board. With a change in the top and the addition of a couple more little rings, it looked more heart-like to me. This time I worked it in blue Cebelia size 30, because I didn't want to use up ALL my red thread before I got to the final one. It worked, so I was happy and redid it in the nice red Lizbeth size 20. That would have worked better if I hadn't make a goofy right in the beginning. I had to cut that off and start over -- then I ran out of thread at the end. Piffle. Next time I do this I think I will have to use smaller thread to fit enough on my Aero shuttles, or break down and use those two little clovers I bought.

Oh -- I forgot to say that it is worked in one continuous round. That's why I ran out of thread on the shuttles!