Monday, August 22, 2011

State Fair

Sharon mentioned that the entry categories for their local fair are pretty limited for tatting, and that the entrance fee is rather stiff.  Our state fair has seventeen categories for tatting.  It only costs $1 to enter something and the prizes range from $6 to ribbons.  Of course, to get into the $6 area you've got to tat a tablecloth or a framed picture.  Interesting that there's no size on the picture.  Hmmmm...that may be achievable one of these days! 
Last year I thought it would be a good thing to make something to enter in every category.  Keep all those tatting categories open so we don't disappear from the public eye.  After looking over the list, I decided it's not going to happen this year, probably not for years to come either.
I don't have an idea for a picture to make and frame.  I'm going to think about that one, though.

I did buy a table to make a table cloth for, but didn't get it finished.  It doesn't say how big the table has to be -- I got one for a dollhouse.  That probably would be unacceptable. *sigh*

Everything else is achievable, but certainly not all at once, and not this year.  I've given away a lot of the stuff I made this year. 
I am managing to enter in categories:
58 (well, if I get the last round done and get it starched by the 31st!),
59 (the blue diamond button doily),
60 (maybe, I have to measure the piece I have in mind),
61 (the Hearts Honor by Wanda),
(I wonder what happened to category 62 and what it was?),
64 (the same ornament I entered in the County Fair), and
65 (again, the same ornament I entered in the County Fair). 

If I get the large centerpiece done early, I might have time to make something for category 68 -- I've got a hat to put it on! 
Let's see.  If I concentrate on the list and start in September, maybe I can enter something in every category NEXT year -- well, no, not the tablecloth.  Not doin' that!