Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day to Me!

Look at this wonderful collection of goodies Karey Solomon sent my way! The Valentine Exchange (through the group Tattinggoddessupdates) was a fun one.
I've got two skeins of hand dyed thread -- one in shades of blue (my favorite color) and other in lotsacolors. I need to think up something special for the multi-colored one. It looks like a spring flower garden to me.
The little heart-shaped maze game I have to leave at home. I was so tempted to take it to work, but then I wouldn't get anything done because I enjoy playing with little things like that.
The paper in the heart-shaped notepad has little pale roses on the pages. It's the perfect thing to put little notes in Nicole's school lunch box.
Then I've got a beautifully pink cotton bandanna -- these are great things. If you tie 'em around your neck, they're warmer than a scarf, because the wind can't blow through 'em -- no holes! They work really well to keep hair tamed under a helmet. I've got a little collection of them in my snowmobile bag but they are getting a bit worn. Nobody will lose me if I wear this hot pink!

I saved the best for last. This is a beautiful heart Karey tatted in a dusty rose color (my scanner can't do justice to the color). Not only did she send the heart, she sent the pattern for this "Y-Knot Heart." Isn't it a pretty one? It has the most wonderful outline: not too pointy, not too tomato-shaped.

Pretty good for Valentine's Day, eh?

Thanks, Karey!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thread Exchange

Way back in December (you know, last year) I participated in a thread exchange in one of the tatting groups. I had five partners, but only showed off the lovely thread I got from Dorcas. I made that into a bookmark for a friend. But just look at what else I got from Leah, Maria, Jeanne, and Lily:

These are generous women! I have not made anything with these threads yet -- they are just a bit like my HDT stash. Ooooo, if I use it then I won't have it any more. Talk about cake and eating and that sort of thing.