Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Heart and Shuttles

One last heart. I forgot about this one, it turned up when I turned out my tatting bag (I do clean and organize now and then, just don't want to go overboard about it). It's really little, about the size of a U.S. dime, even though it's made with size 30 Cebeliá thread. It's one of the things we learned at tatting guild -- last year. Since I learned last year, and never did it again, I don't think I can do it again!

Now -- on to the shuttles. Diane (Lace-lovin' Librarian) had the prettiest shuttle that I really needed. It's blue with a pattern of lines making what almost looks like tatted shamrocks. I offered to trade her for one I did with a blue and green paisley pattern. She got right on the job; and I got the loveliest surprise package today. I've got the pretty blue papered shuttle, two balls of size 70 thread, and a beautiful glittery bag. See?

Once I get to the post office I'll get my part of the exchange sent off. Only now I really need to find something pretty to package it in, don't I? :)

I've been covering shuttles like a mad fool. I don't know why, but it's a soothing thing to do. I think it's a bit like making mudpies or playing with papier mâche. You get to get grubby, ignore everyone (works ever better if you put in earphones connected to an MP3 player with a really good book), and stay up way too late. I do this stuff a bit differently than Diane. I use a regular paint brush, not as many coats of decoupage and I don't use fingernail top coat (but I've got to look into that and the sponge brushes!). Instead of a craft knife, I use a curved nail scissors. Knives and I don't play well together. (It's not me -- they bite.) Anyway, here's a photo of the last lot. None of these have had the final coat of acrylic spray applied (I've been too lazy to lace them into the spray box). The ones outlined by the squiggly red line are all the same pattern, but different colors -- like a six shuttle set (so alliterative!) -- I don't even mind the tan one! The bunch outlined in turquoise are all Clover shuttles (yeah, like you couldn't tell, huh?). The ladybug shuttles are all made with stickers on tissue paper, as is the firecracker (the blue next to the blue with a ladybug). There's a lavender one in the bottom row and the one black shuttle that are made with nail stickers on tissue paper. I've decided to not buy any more of the nail stickers once I've used those I have. I'm not creative enough with them and they end up just ...well... stuck there.