Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thread Again!

My sister has been dying things again. She did a set of tie-dyed sheets to enter in the Fair (which won a blue ribbon). While she had all those dyes out and mixed, I let her use some on thread for me. Just because I'm nice, you know. I've ended up with a wonderful mix of marine blues and greens she calls "mermaid" and another dark rainbow in size 80 thread. The other two are pinks and reds on a size 30 Cebelia base. I didn't have anything but a tiny little plastic core (same thing the size 80 came on) to wind the reds on. So -- I have ended up with a Bermuda Onion. I've been unable to make myself use it -- don't want to mess up my onion! I have used the mermaid, though. I made a t-shirt decoration and sewed it on a white t-shirt to enter in the State Fair. OH! That reminds me, I've gotta run -- I've taken the day off work to demonstrate tatting at the fair -- not sit here and rattle on like a pea in a boxcar!