Monday, March 21, 2011

Not Just Bling

You think I said that just so you'd read this, don't you? Not so. I have been getting all sticky and covering shuttles (and I found a whole jar of glitter ModPodge), but I've been tatting, too. Actually, what I've been doing is test tatting for other people, so I don't have pictures to show of all those pieces (ha-ha -- gotcha). But here's the latest batch of fractal covered Aeros:
I did a bunch of Clover shuttles like these, but didn't get a picture taken before I packed 'em up for Shuttlebirds in April. Now...I won't be there, but the shuttles will. A very generous soul from Bonneville Tatters is taking them to see if anyone might want to buy one. Personally, I'm hoping she gets rid of the whole lot. Then I can buy a bunch more shuttles to cover. Like I said before -- it's soothing and such a great reason to stay up until 2:00 in the morning.

Just so nobody gets disgusted with my no-tatting tatting blog -- here's a bit of something I started. I'm going to start over and change the stitch counts on the second set of split rings because to get it to stay flat I had to really stress the clover joins. Doesn't look good enough to bother completing the rest of the piece onto this center, but it's still a nice little coaster. This is a doily by Jan Stawasz, but with alterations. Having absolutely NO patience with dozens of little separate motifs to make up the doily, I fussed and figured and counted (and need to recount) so I could make this thing in rounds instead of pieces. Oh, all the decorative picots have disappeared, too. I like the frilly look of picots, but have the worst time blocking the fussy little things, so I'm trying this without.