Friday, March 28, 2014

Tag -- That's Me!

Last month at our regular meeting of Bonneville Tatters, we made name tags. I made one with my name and one with my real name (no, it's not Bizzilwix - it's also not a big secret). 

Mine is made from white Lizbeth size 20 thread. What? Oh, you've noticed that it doesn't look very white. No, it's not from dirty hands. My sister dyed that thread for me and I like using it (check out my pram, heart, and decoration) — rainbows are happy things. Besides, it will match everything. Yes, it will, even patterns — everything! 

I've got a plastic thingy with a magnet attachment that is supposed to go on the back of it, but I don't know the proper way to put it there yet. We are supposed to learn that next month. *sigh* I won't be at the meeting next month, so I will need remedial help in May, I suppose. 

It was such fun putting these little beads in the middle of split rings. I used Jane Eborall's method and it worked slicker than ...ummm... slick things. I tried doing it another way, using the thread from the second half of the split ring, but kept getting a weird lump and loose looking thread on top of the tatting, so I had to give that up. I know it works (because other people used it) but it had me baffled. However, Jane's method was so successful, I now want to put beads in the center of lots more split rings. I need to find a pattern with lots of them and put beads in — just because I can.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Round 7

Still working on Renulek's Spring doily. I'm out to round 7, but I left off the decorative picots in round 8. Can't say why, except laziness, probably. The next round will be like the green row, but in red and pink. I've got it worked out so it will end in the dark and light purple. Unless I discover a goofy bit when I get around to blocking it, I'll probably keep it to enter in the Fair this year. They need color, Color, COLOR!