Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ornaments on a Ring

Ruth Perry's Snowflake 2008 is a beautiful Celtic pattern. It's made in one continuous round when done in one color. Of course, I cheated and made it in two colors instead of one, so there were extra threads to hide. Both are made with Lizbeth size 40 thread in Christmas red, Christmas green and white, just combined differently,

At first, I thought I could just do the inside round and fit them inside the ring. That was the right size, but not the right choice. The outer round stabilizes the Celtic twists in the inner round. Without the outer round, the inner lost some of its definition. That's why the outer round sticks out beyond the ring. I like the way they look hanging up -- really they look better than flat (especially against that bright yellow [what ever possessed me to do that?]).

I know, you all thought I was working on my challenge ornaments, right? HA-HA, fooled you! These are not part of my challenge because they are not covers for round ornaments, but they're still going to look good on somebody's tree.

Actually, I have been working on my challenge ornaments, but round doesn't fit in the scanner, you know. I have to haul out the camera (like it's a chore when it's just a point and click digital), and find a good place for the pictures, then get the lighting just right and figure out the macro settings and all that other stuff. I don't have any excuses for not taking the pictures just this reason: lazy, just plain lazy. Maybe tonight. . . [for the pictures! not for anything more exciting!]