Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I've added this new element but don't have time tonight to add in everything I read or scan or to which I refer on a regular or irregular basis. I've got to pack to leave town again!

Giving and getting

Sue, the amazing list-mom from Here-Be-Tatters organized a "Christmas in July" exchange. It had to have been a huge amount of work because there were so many participants. All those lovely things in the first picture are what I received from Irma from Chile. New things to hang on my tree this December, a towel which just matches my bathroom, the prettiest cut-work mat I've ever seen, and thread to make an edging for that mat or make more snowflakes or use for jewelry...such possibilities...a neck or vest ornament with a wooden holder, and, finally, a pretty blue satin bag covered with tatting in which to keep all my special things. Right now, it's holding all those tatted bits I don't have homes for yet.
The giving was just as fun as the getting, but after the loot I got, I feel like a piker! Maria, my exchange partner from Portugal, received those things in the second picture. (You'll note the absence of anything so large and pretty as the hand-towel and the mat).
Hey! When's the next exchange? I've got to get started!