Friday, June 27, 2014


Yes. Bugs. I made some. Jeanie Schekel, the chair of the Ogden Bonneville Tatters group, held a class on Riet Surtel-Smeulders Daisy Picot Butterfly last month. I didn't finish in class, so my attempt at hiding the wire was not as easy as it probably should have been. There's wire in the wings so they can be shaped and hold the shape without stiffening. I did not choose the threads wisely either -- really should have selected three plain colors to get a proper contrast. Still, I do like these and I like this pattern. The top butterfly is size 20 and the bottom is size 40. Now I need to try it with size 80.
The other bug is a dragonfly designed by Leesa Kramer, the Bonneville Tatters chair this year. It only takes about two yards of size 20 thread, four dagger beads and two big eye beads. I want to make more of these!  Of course, before I make more, I should sew in the ends of this one.