Monday, May 16, 2011

Speaking of Bookmarks...

Exchanges are so much fun.  I like getting things from other tatters -- they're always inspiring.  These are the bookmarks I received this year:
The top one (with the card and pretty tatted strawberry and bee) is from Tattabugg.  It's Mary Konior's Black Magic made in size 80 black and a lovely bluish turquoise (yummy!).  It's very delicate looking, and beautifully blocked.

The flower lattice bookmark in variegated pink, green and brown is from Anika.  I got a little note with it that has single-ring picot flowers on it in matching colors (and one little blue flower).  It reminds me of the climbing rose trellis in our backyard when I was little.

The last one is from Catriona (it even came with a huge "Royal Mail" stamp -- Queen Elizabeth II is looking quite young on it).  The bookmark is  a stretched out "Stumpy" from a pattern by Kersti.  She made it in size 10 Lizbeth Caribbean -- that's one of my favorite variegates from Lizbeth!  For someone who says she hasn't been tatting very long, the stitches are certainly even and well tensioned.

My books will be happy to have such lovely bits marking 'em.

Since this was an exchange, I made bookmarks for other people and sent them on their way.  I did that about 10 days ago, so I hope they've all arrived.  The turquoise butterfly string is made from Lizbeth 20 "dark sea green" and "wildflower" from my own pattern.  I made it without buttons -- which don't do well inside books.  But I like it a lot, so I made another with the little tiny buttons in size 80.  I made a really, really long tail so none of the buttons have to actually be inside the book.  The last one is also size 80 made of "Midnight Escape" variegated thread my sister dyed for me.  It's from Edging Pattern No. 8902 in "The Tatter's Treasure Chest" edited by Mary Carolyn Waldrep.  The tassel and it's hanger were added on with separate threads at the end.

I was very tempted to add a second bookmark to each package to divest myself of all those "Made in Hawaii" but they were a ONE bookmark exchange, so I practiced restraint.  Perhaps they'll find their way into a Holiday Exchange package this year.