Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Two Hundred!?

I'm not such a blabbermouth as I thought I was. It's taken me over three years to reach two hundred posts. I was going to claim that I promote quality over quantity. That might work until y'all read some of this stuff. Then somebody's going to wonder about the quality of the stuff I've been drinking (only the best tea, thanks).

It would be really fun to give away one thing for each post! Oh, yeah -- dream on. I don't have that much extraneous tatting stuff. I do have lots and lots of extraneous stuff, but I don't think anybody reading this wants my old shoes or the treasures in my ragbag.

There is a little something somebody might like, though. Oh, not my phone, but the charm. Well, not the charm that's attached to my phone (because it's attached to my phone). This nice dark green charm. It's made of size 20 Haklegarn worked over a plastic ring with a whole pile of clear seed beads built right in.

If you think you might like to have it, leave me a comment on this post, and a way to contact you. On Monday next (that would be the 22nd of March) I'll either get a random number generated, or have one of my nieces draw a name out of a box or a bag. Not only will I send you this spiffy charm, but I'll include a really nifty beading-threader-thread-weaver-inner-all-around-useful big-eye needle.