Sunday, January 3, 2010

Whhooooose There?

Owls are night creatures, so they show up best against a black sky. Of course, the evergreen branch he's perched on doesn't show up so well. Once again, this is from Dianna Stevens' Animal Bookmarks: A Tatted Zoo.

This is my second attempt at making this pattern. It really isn't difficult, it just requires that you pay attention. I did something weird on the first one: it's horned tufts were turned upside down and one eye was bigger than the other. My sister said it looked crazy. I think she insulted it, because it's flown the coop (I can't find it anywhere or I'd show you how weird it looks).

This second one turned out rather nice. It's made of Lizbeth size 20 Ecru and medium Harvest Orange (you'd think I was trying to use up the entire ball of that stuff) with Christmas Green for the branch. Isn't it interesting how many animals look good in brown?

AH-HA! I found the crazy owl! Those weird threads at his shoulders are where the pattern finished and didn't hide the ends. I don't know that I will ever hide the ends. I think this will go in my drawer full of what-can-I-possibly-do-with-this-? stuff.