Thursday, November 15, 2007

Butterfly Four

More of that yellow Cébélia size 30. This is a butterfly in profile -- by default. I started it as a butterfly with wings on both sides. By the time I got done with the first side (after taking out some chains, believe it or not) there was no way to finish the other. The poor butterfly body was bent in half. There's just too much going on in those wings. If I hadn't put this on the starch board and stretched the bejabbers out of it there's no way it would be flat. Maybe the pattern can be salvaged, but right now it needs too many changes and I've lost interest in it. Maybe later I will look over my diagram and figure out what to remove and where to change the joins and how many fewer stitches it needs. Yeah, later -- maybe next year or the year after or ...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Butterfly Three

Again with the yellow Cébélia size 30 (maybe I can use the whole ball this way) I made the first attempt at this butterfly. It wasn't working quite the way I wanted, so the second wing is actually the second attempt. That seemed to work better so I made another one to be certain, and, after finishing, decided on a better place to reverse to work up the other side of the wing. The third one, in Coats pastel quilting thread was working really well -- right up to the end. I went to pull in the ending threads and pulled the magic thread out instead. The poor thing has a knot and a bit of fabric glue on the back. Then I thought, "Ha! The problem is where I'm starting." The fourth one (in Coats jewel quilting thread) started in a different place so that I could end with a split ring and make crocheted antennae. Ta-da! No thread ends to hide.