Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Flurry of Bling

This is the Flurry part -- Jane Eborall's Flurry Snowflake in bangles. It's really a great pattern (and even easier when all done in one color so the SLT can be skipped ... lazy, that's me). It looks wonderful in the bangles -- even if I did have a bit of trouble getting each spoke at 60 degrees from the other. The one done with Lizbeth's red, green and white thread is a bit wild, but I like it anyway.

"So...where does the bling part come in?," you ask with great trepidation. Yup. I did it again. The dollar store yielded up lots of pretty patterned tissue paper. Of course, it's rather seasonal. TA-DA! Holiday Shuttles! And, yes, those are a couple of little Clovers on the right end. I think the Aeros are easier to cover because the paper can be tucked under the sides. It has to be cut with much more precision for the Clovers. I like the striped one on the left side the best, but the minimalist blue snowflakes is a close second.