Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Heart Wannabes

They wanted to be hearts. I wanted them to be hearts, but they've got goofies in 'em. Look quick! That's not so bad -- but don't study them in detail. They fall down in the details.

Vicki Clark's Ruffled Heart is such a pretty heart when looking at the original on her blog. It didn't work so well for me in this size 80 thread. I tried it again in a size 20, but -- hmpf -- that didn't work very well either. I think I need more practice. I'm just not certain I want to haul out the rope (size 10) and see if I can figure out where I'm going astray. I've set it aside for a while.

The Rainbow heart is my own snowy heart pattern, but I make some kind of alteration every time I tat it. This time I didn't make the same alteration on both sides. I would have done that, but didn't see it until I was finished. Now, I've unpicked ... er ... retrotatted a long way back in a pattern, but that was just a bit too much. It's all done and the ends are tucked in and it's sitting in my drawer. I'm waiting for someone to have an "oops" exchange...'cause I'm ready!

Well, I'm gratified the mistake in this heart isn't obvious. I know it's there because I made the oops. There are a pair of mirror joins that aren't mirror! Just for people who really want to know but don't want to study each ring, chain and join, I circled the spot in red and put arrows. Here ya go (click to enlarge):