Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays!

No matter what you're celebrating -- even if it's just being off work for a bit (I'd like to celebrate that every day!) -- I hope you thoroughly enjoy this time of year.
Yes, where I am it's dreary looking (actually raining!), it's damp, and cold. BUT...I don't have to work after today until it's a whole new year; my sister and her family are flying in from Maryland today; we're all healthy; and the year was good enough that Santa Claus is coming to our house. Lots of things to celebrate.

There are tatting things to celebrate too. I won a drawing at the Lace-Lovin' Librarian's website and received the most wonderful little packet of goodies. I was wondering if the "Royal Fail*" had invaded our USPS, but they did manage to deliver a very pretty yellow satin pouch with a shuttle, some thread, and other goodies. I'll have to post a picture after the holidays. (I'd like to claim I'm having technical difficulties, but it's really that I'm having organizational difficulties.) I got a beautiful tin tied in a silver ribbon from my exchange partner at The TattingForums. I'll get a picture of what's inside on Christmas day and post that later, too! I'm certain it's good stuff, though!
Finally, I've got pretty shuttles to use now -- that should make all my tatting prettier, right? I'm anticipating some good days of tatting and chatting with family. I wish you all the same.

*Check out the continuing mis-adventures of the English post at Jane Eborall's website!