Wednesday, July 28, 2010

25 Motif Challenge - Number 11

This is one of those .75 inch ornaments that I thought would allow me to get through 25 for the challenge very quickly. Well...that didn't work! These tiny ornament covers take just as long because to make them look good I have to use smaller thread. This one is my Lock Chain Ornament Cover using only 3 repeats with DMC size 80. I did use the single ring with sufficient picots to fasten it on -- that worked a treat.
I've stalled on these again. I'm working on a few things for the fair and I've only got a bit over a week to get them ready!

Monday, July 26, 2010

25 Motif Challenge - Numbers 9 and 10

Two more bring my total to 10 -- still behind, but gaining! Again, made from Lizbeth 40 on 1.5 inch glass ornaments, these two are a pair in different colors. The pattern is Ruth Perry's Celtic Snowflake 2008. I had to use just five pattern repeats instead six so it would fit the ornament. The bottom is the first round of the snowflake with that lovely Celtic twist Ms. Perry does so well. These are laced together with a single strand of the colored thread to hold them on the ornament.