Wednesday, September 22, 2010

One Last State Fair Post

This is our little corner at the Fair. The Bonneville Tatters are fortunate enough to have a wall space where we demonstrate tatting during the State Fair. Wendy is the secretary of our guild. She brought a large square doily to work on. That empty chair is mine. I was working on a bit of brightly colored edging. We were giving away the bookmarks on the corner of the table -- each one has a little scrap tatting (butterflies, caterpillars, flowers) glued (please pass the smelling salts!) to the paper.
Having bragged on my own tatting, I thought you'd like to see all the other tatting at the Fair this year (if there was more than this, they hid it!):

Unfortunately, the Fair people lost the crystal globe off the little red and white tatted lighthouse (they didn't seem to be too concerned about it either!)

I thought these bobbin lace covered ornaments were worth showing off. They almost makes me want to learn to fuss with all those bobbins! Aren't they pretty?!

The best of show in the needle arts this year was a beautiful knitted tablecloth. Okay, I can see why it got the best of show.

All you tatters out there: Find out where your county, regional, state or whatever fairs are held. Find out if you can enter your tatting! Get it out there in front of the public. Show off then brag about it!