Thursday, April 29, 2010

Charming things

The green phone charm that Wendy won in my giveaway has gone astray. It's my own fault. I didn't send it with any kind of delivery confirmation. Actually, I did worse than that, I sent it first class with stamps on it (after weighing it at work). Well, duh. There was no customs form attached. It's probably being probed by some government official who suspects it of being something nefarious. Perhaps it's been taken out and blown up in some preemptive strike. Who can know? That was pretty shabby of me.

Wendy told me her favorite colors were red and pink. Hey! I have red. I made up two more charms, both with red Oren Bayan metallic threads -- one with silver beads and one with red beads. Both are pretty (f I do say so m'self), but the silver bead one was more striking. I sent it off properly custom-formed and all. Well, fat lot of good that did. Who knows when it will get there? Some volcano seems to have gotten in the way. As I frequently say, "If it ain't one darn thing, it's another!"

PS: Wendy received both the green and the red charms. Nice! I think the green one was slow because I am slow (couldn't seem to remember to get a padded envelope at the store!). The volcano didn't slow the red one down much, either. Good. I'm glad to know they didn't go wandering off into the ozone and that she has two to enjoy or share, as she chooses. :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rings 'n' things

I've been tatting -- really I have. I just didn't seem to have anything I could show. My InTatters exchange partner has informed me that she received the pendant I sent, though. I thought sure the poor thing had disappeared behind some monster machine in the Post office or something. Nope, it made it safely. It's made with Oren Bayan silver thread and purple mini-seed beads (a whole pot-load of 'em). The necklace part is a twisted metal cable inside a purple protective casing. Really, it matches better than this picture makes it appear.
The other things I've been doing I'll trot out when they're finished. I'm still emptying bobbins, too. I've been making more butterflies -- the little four ring ones. But, I've also made a couple of Jane Eborall's Butterfly Bookmarks without the bookmark tails, and one tiny one with a tail for really tiny books! I've got a few more bobbins with enough thread to make Butterfly Bookmarks, if I mix the colors. That should be interesting. I might very well end up with a Christmas Butterfly, because I've got a bobbin each of red and green that are about evenly matched in amounts.

As for the ornament has foundered. *sigh* It will get back on track pretty soon though. I ordered covered styrofoam ornaments and they've been received! I think the plastic ones are going to end up with my nieces. They can decorate them by gluing or sticking things on 'em. My patience with them (the ornaments, not the nieces -- hmmmmm, wait, some days it's them too!) has been exhausted.