Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Neck or Nothing

T-shirts are so plain, aren't they? A bit of decoration and they look much better (of course my sister thinks they need dye, and some twisting, but, this works for me).

Both of these pieces were made with one strand of Signature machine embroidery thread and one strand of G├╝termann cotton sewing thread wound together on the shuttles. The buttons are 5/8 inch four-hole buttons.

I combined one of the pieces of "baby lace" (see March 25th) with the decorated button (see May 28) I designed for the 25-Motif Challenge to create this neck decoration. After sewing some decorated buttons to a t-shirt for my sister and having them curl up after washing, I decided the entire piece had to be sewed to the shirt. Because of that, I didn't stitch through the buttons. These were gifts for my sister and my niece. I think they turned out pretty well.