Thursday, March 11, 2010

25 Motif Challenge - Number 3

Ta-da! I'm now caught up to the second week of February. Unfortunately, it's the second week of March. *sigh* No matter, I'm plugging away at it. I tend to get obsessive about deadlines and keep reminding myself I need to relax. If I fuss about this challenge I'm not going to enjoy my tatting, nor am I going to take time to tat other things.

This one is made of really inexpensive size 30 crochet thread that used to be dirty white (we found it in a box in the basement). My sister was trying out new dye colors, so I let her use some of the thread. (Yeah, I'm nice like that!) This is what she calls "Flame" in shades from deep scarlet to bright yellow. I love the color, I extremely dislike the thread. It's got odd little slubs in it here and there which made some rings very nearly impossible to close. Perseverance was the key -- okay, it was really, fuss, cuss, pick, pinch, pull, cuss, and slide one stitch at a time!

The pattern is my own snowflake -- the one I designed for Sharon Briggs' Design-Tat class. I made two then laced them to this matte-gold ornament with a single strand of gold thread. The beads are inexpensive clear glass. I don't know how Christmas-y this is, so maybe it's a Halloween ornament. :)