Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Diane M. Saunders TIAS

There, see? I did do it. It just took me forever and a week to get it scanned.
At the beginning, I couldn't imagine what it was going to be, after all, round could be the start of so many things. After the first point, I was thinking, "Maybe a cat?" That second point didn't discourage me too much, but no cat I know has three ears! Maybe a Queen. Oh, wait -- we're done. So much for my clairvoyance -- or possibly even brain. But -- how perfect for spring, a nice tulip! I need a whole garden of these to counter-act the effects of the snow we've had in the last week. That's not very Spring-like of Mother Nature!
I worked the pattern in DMC size 80 tatting cotton in a subtle peach, then used up a bit of green ombre I happened to have to make the split-ring stem. It turned out larger than I expected, at it's widest points it's about 1.5 x 1.25 inches (3.8 x 3.2 cm) not counting the stem, of course.
I was thinking maybe I needed to figure out how to add a couple of leaves, but -- ratsmiceandchickenfeet -- I can't find my round tuit!