Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hanging by a Hook

I've been making earrings for my brother. No, he doesn't wear them, he's going to give them away. I don't mind making them for him because I like him and it gives me an excuse to play with little beads and finish something comparatively quickly (compared to a doily, for example). I made three different pair for him. 

The first ones are a pair of butterflies. With as many butterflies as I've made over the years, this is the first time I've turned them into earrings. The third pair use gold thread and yellow beads and the covered-ring technique. The middle ones are from the Online Tatting Class which has been making earrings. I looked through the available patterns and found "Earrings '2015-V' © 2015 by Nina Libin" on Georgia Seitz's website and thought those would be nice. I'm certain they would be if I did them right or used the right stuff -- or something. The one I made was limp as a noodle and buckled. (I'd show you what it looked like, but it somehow got all cut up before I found the camera). I still really like the pattern, but decided I'd have to make it smaller if I was going to use a single strand of the Oren Bayan metallic thread and size 15 seed beads I own. I used only one of the rings and just did two chains around it. The center earrings are the result. Since I was making them anyway, I decided to make some for my sisters. These are obviously green beads on variegated metallic thread:
They are about the size of a US dime. I've got lots of other bead colors picked out to use. They are fairly quick to make -- once all the beads are threaded (it takes 58 beads for each earring). I can make a pair in a couple of hours and for me that is quick. Well, they are quick provided I don't lose the beading needle, the needle threader, the earwires, and above-all -- spill the beads all over myself.