Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cornelia and C-lon

"Cornelia" from Tatted Doilies by Iris Niebach. This is such a pretty pattern! As it is all worked in a single round, it's also a fun pattern to watch develop. Of course, you have to pay attention. There were too many places that I had to unpick (retro-tat is way too nice for what I was doing). There's one chain with 12 too many ds and an extra picot that I didn't notice until I was 8 rings and 4 chains further along. Nope, not unpicking that! This one will probably end up hidden on a shelf.
I tried out a new thread. After reading Teri "TATBiT" Dusenbury's blog and her statements about C-lon Microbeading cord, I went looking. I found some of that and ordered it. However, I also found C-lon beading thread, so I got some of that -- it came first, so I used it. When it first comes off the tiny spool it is flat and shiny. It doesn't work up that way, but it is very crisp to work with -- as long as you don't make goofies you have to pick out. It really is picking-out with this thread; it's unforgiving. The thread separates into micro-fine threads if it is worked too much. Then one of those tiny threads might decide to fray and wrap itself around any thread close by. Okay, so this little doily was the wrong thing to make with it. I do believe this stuff will be absolutely wonderful for earrings! I'm really, really going to have to make some with it, because I got some very pretty colors -- but no more of this teal color because it took the entire spool to make the doily.

Iris TIAS ... oops

It's so exciting that Iris is doing a TIAS! (That's "Tat it and See" for all you acronym-challenged folks.) What would be even more exciting is if I had done it right. I think I have the elements in the required configuration, but that large clover on the end is in the wrong color. Yeah, that's was comes of tatting until 2:00 AM. I don't have enough sense to go to bed -- what makes me think I have enough sense to pay attention to directions? It's okay. I'll start over tonight...before the wee hours.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Has it Stopped Snowing?

Three more from Tatting by Myra Piper. These are No. 23, 34, and 37. All have been done in Coats "Button Carpet & Craft" thread (I can't figure out why they leave out the comma...unless there is such a thing as a button carpet?). I liked all of these, but think I would start somewhere different for No. 34. I did No. 37 with a split ring exit in the center rather than do the center as a separate row. Less cut and tie and hide is always a good thing. These measure 3" (11.5 cm), 3", and 2.75" (11 cm), respectively. That's a good, respectable size for a tree decoration. I might hunt up the invisible thread and make hangers for them. They would make good gifts or they might end up in my own decoration box.