Sunday, June 14, 2009

Donation Ornaments

Finally! Picture -taking not being my forte, it took me a while to get out the camera and snap a photo of these ornaments.
(Okay, shoot off about a dozen in hopes one of them would come out unblurry)
This is another attempt at items to be donated for the Festival of Trees. The thread is right (size 20 ecru Flora); the ornaments are the question. I have no idea if this is the right color. Maroon is such a subjective color, don't you think? At any rate, I'll trot these out for the July meeting (because the June meeting is this Saturday and I'll be on vacation -- wheeee!). Somebody will either say they are the right color or they won't. It doesn't matter, because I can always find a home for ornaments! These are both covered in my own split ring pattern. I've got it written down somewhere, but it needs diagrams. Thanks to Sharon Briggs' Design-Tat course, I now know how to do that -- and will once I dig my Roundtuit out from under everything. :)