Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fifteenth Motif

There. Something smaller -- but with the same thread as used on the Stawasz square doily. These little earrings just used up what was left on the shuttles. This is a pattern I made up, but the elements and even the configuration are pretty common. The beads are iridescent blue seed beads and the hooks are nylon. I like threading matching beads on the hooks -- they integrate better. I also think putting the hooks on the chain instead of on a picot makes them more durable. There are advantages to the nylon hooks: (1) nobody's usually allergic to them, (2) they don't have an opening enabling the motif to slip off and get lost and, best of all, (3) if an earring gets grabbed the nylon hook straightens, slips out and snaps back into shape (no torn ears or ruined earrings).

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