Monday, March 12, 2007

Thirteenth Motif

This bookmark just grew when I was trying to use up the thread on my shuttles. I started with a split ring and added the horizontal set of rings when it was looking a bit boring. The little pink one was the trial, but had a couple of places in the center that I didn't like when it got done. I redid it with the larger purple thread (actually purple size 12 DMC pearl cotton and a strand of variegated purple Coats hand quilting thread). It still doesn't look quite right where the tail joins on -- goes from thin to thick too abruptly and I think there are too many Josephine rings. I had to pin it out on the starch board to keep all those little bobbers from overlapping. I look at it now and think, "Hmmm...widen it out in the center and it would look something like a stingray. Or, maybe figure out a cross arm for it." It has possibilities.

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yarnplayer said...

The bookmarks are very cute already! Very creative!