Monday, April 23, 2007

Twentieth Motif

Still another from Iris Niebach -- all in one pass. This little square motif is "Cactus" from the free patterns she has generously shared at Iris Niebach's Tatting Online
This one is made with DMC Cèbèlia size 30 thread. It looks pretty good without blocking. I think it might fit over a satin Christmas ornament -- maybe I should make a matching one for the bottom and try it out.
It has been a while since I posted anything. I've been creating UFO's (no, no -- not the alien things, just unfinished objects). We took the girls to Disneyland for spring break, and I tatted while standing in lines. I got some strange looks, some whispers behind my back, and a couple of people interested enough to ask about it. However -- I didn't actually finish anything. Maybe the lines weren't long enough, eh?

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Tattycat said...

Hi Marty. You have been doing some beautiful tatting. I guess I hadn't checked your blog in a while as there are lots of new things I had not seen. I am going to check out Iris' site for those patterns. I never thought of tatting while standing in line. Thanks for the tip!