Monday, December 10, 2007

Ghosts of Christmas Past

This is our downstairs tree. It has 72 satin-wrapped styrofoam ornaments covered with tatting, and about a dozen small tatted snowflakes, one crocheted "pineapple" butterfly, and one green wooden tree ornament with "Marty" on it in calligraphy -- those are the ones I've made over the years. It has six glass ornaments covered with blue crochet and a dozen silver crocheted snowflakes -- those a good friend made. It has three clay ornaments -- a sock, a Santa, and a dove -- that my sister made, and the two glass pigs she gave us. Other than the two "sisters" snow-woman ornaments we bought, everything else is a gift that has special meaning.
I started making the covered ornaments (many years ago) with the idea of giving them as gifts. I did give quite a few away -- but only if I had duplicates. There are no real patterns for these, so I used each ornament as a pattern for another. Most of the early ones were doilies or snowflakes from pattern books with one less repeat -- to encourage them to bowl to fit the ornament. At the point I decided it might be a good idea to have patterns I had forgotten which books I used and which patterns I had adapted. I keep meaning to sit down with the box of ornaments and my pile of books to see if I can match them up -- but I can't find my round tuit.


wickedtats said...

Sounds like your lovely tree is decorated with lotsa love =).

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

This is one special tree Marty!
Alas, I have only one tatted snowflake on my tree. It was one I received in a tatting exchange. All the other snowflakes I have tatted are on other people's trees.
Maybe throughout 2008 I will tat snowflakes for next year's tree.

Hee hee...that was a long winded comment!

Linda S Davies said...

Wow, Marty! That's is some tatting! But what a lovely effect!

Tattycat said...

Your tree is lovely and a special treasure. Maybe one day I will have a large tree of tatting instead of my 3' one!

Iris Niebach said...

This is really a wonderful christmas tree!

Marty said...

Thank you for the complements, everyone! We think it's pretty nice. But one of these days I'm going to have all the patterns or pattern alterations written down so I can start giving these things as gifts!

Sapna said...

Hi Marty,
Wishing you and your family a Very Merry Christmas.