Friday, January 18, 2008

Butterflies for Baby

Since I'm off to a baby shower tomorrow -- it was about time to get this finished. The lace is finally sewn on and down. I found that things which are going through the washer and dryer tend to curl up and must be completely tacked down if they are not to need a lot of ironing. And, who in their right mind irons anything, especially baby clothes? Certainly not me!
My sister, of course, tie-dyed this baby onsie in an all-over crumple using (I think) three shades of pink. That yellowish cast on the right sleeve is only from my picture taking inability. The neck decoration is made from a little bit of my butterfly bookmark pattern and an approximation of some butterfly edging I saw somewhere and couldn't find. (It's probably in that collection of stuff I downloaded at work and haven't brought home yet -- so it's not in my PDFPick.) If you look closely, you might be able to see the two tiny pink scrapbook buttons in the central butterflies. I used one strand of Signature pink ombre machine embroidery thread and one strand of Gütterman white sewing cotton, so the thread size approximates DMC 80 tatting cotton.

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