Sunday, July 20, 2008

Round Tuit

Michelle over at HBT very kindly send me A Round Tuit. Wow! Thanks! (hmpf -- there go my excuses!)
Instead of actually doing those things for which I needed to get A Round Tuit, I've been admiring the nifty item and considering ways to embellish it for tatting purposes. Maybe like this:


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Very clever! Wouldn't it be nice if every Round Tuit could be embellished with tatting? Hmmm... could tatting ebellished Round Tuits be the answer to world peace?

Tattycat said...

Some people just can't leave well enough alone, huh? I hate it when I run out of excuses. I like the embellishment.

yarnplayer said...

That's the fanciest "round tuit" I ever saw! Hee hee!
The story on the round tuit is a little too small to read, though. Maybe you could fill us in on what it says?

TattingChic said...

Ahhh, yes, a round more excuses...LOL. I've seen these before, but never a tatted one. Clever! Thanks for sharing!

Marty said...

Marilee, it says:
A Round Tuit
At long last we have a sufficient quantity for each of you to have your own. GUARD IT WELL! Tuits are hard to come by, especially the round ones. This is an indispensable item. It will help you to become a more efficient person. For years we have heard people say, "I'll do it, when I get a round tuit." Now that you have one of your very own, many things that have needed doing will get done.
Maybe I should get it printed to a plastic button so I can really embellish the edge instead of just photo-embellish it!

yarnplayer said...

That is cute! Thanks for filling us in, Marty. The button idea is great!