Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lock-Chain Ornament Pattern

One person expressed an interest -- that's quite enough for me. Here's the pattern I created for the Design Challenge 2. Click on the image to get a larger size...or check the HBT file section or Etatters, because I'll post a .pdf file in those places.
[PS -- thanks, Jane Eborall for introducing me to lock chains. I'd never neard of them before your hippo TIAS]
Here goes (oh, and keep in mind, nobody's test-tatted this thing):

2 colors size 80 thread
Two shuttles

Split Ring
Self-Closing Mock Ring
Lock Join


- or p = picot
= double-length picot
—— = quadruple-length picot

lj = lock join
RW = reverse work
SCMR = self-closing mock ring
Sh = shuttle
SR = split ring

vsp = very small picot

Begin at SR A: [Sh 1] 4-4——4 / [Sh 2] vsp 5-5 (the vsp is used attach the final lock chain)

*Lock Chain : 4-3-3-3-3-3

Inner Ring B : [color 2] 6 (+) 6-6 (on subsequent Rings “B” join to free p of previous ring B, shared join with lock chain between Rings H and I)

Lock Chain : 3+3+3+3+3+4

SR C : 4+4-4 / 5 — 5 (to quad-length p of Ring A, after twisting the p 3 times)

Lock Chain: 6

SR D: 4-4-3 / 5

Chain: 6-6 RW

Ring E : 6+3-6 (to free p of Ring “C”) RW

Chain : 6-6 RW

SCMR F: 8+4 (Ring f 8-8) 8 (to free p of Ring “E”) RW

Chain : 6-6 RW

Ring G : 6+3-6 (to free p of Ring f – the ring thrown off the SCMR) RW

Chain : 2-2

Ring H : 6+8-4 (to free p of Ring G)

Chain : 2-2 lj to free p of Ring H

Lock Chain : 6 (lj to free p of Ring B) 6 (place size 30 thread or fine paperclip to create a joining space for Ring I) and continue with

Chain : 2+2 (join to free p on the Chain between Ring H and the Lock Chain) RW

Ring I : 4+8-6 (join to space created by thread or paperclip in previous chain) RW

Chain: 2+2 (to free p on Chain between Rings G and H) RW

Ring J : 6+3-6 (to free p of Ring I)

Chain : 6+6 (to free p of Chain between Rings F and G) RW

SCMR K: 8 (Ring k 8+8 [to free p of Ring J])4-8 RW

Chain : 6+6 (to free p of Chain between Rings E and F) RW

Ring L : 6+3—6 (to free p of Ring K) RW

Chain : 6+6 (to free p of chain between SR D and Ring E)

SR M : 3+4-4 / 5 (to free p of SR D)

Lock Chain: 6†

SR (A) : 4-4——4 / 5 (+) 5 (to free double-length p of Ring L)**

Repeat from * to ** 4 times and from * to † once; end with lj to vsp at beginning. Cut and tie ends, hide with magic threads


LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Well alright! Whoo hoo! Since you went through all the trouble I guess I'll have to print it out.

Thanks for all the hard work Marty!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Lock chain... hmmm... I see another challenge ahead of me! Thanks for sharing the pattern!

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

Thank you, Marty, for sharing your ornament cover pattern. Just in time for Christmas tatting.

Marilee Rockley said...

Wow! Fantastic! What a great design, and you've drawn it out so well and everything.

The way I do a lock stitch chain, is 1st half unflipped, 2nd half flipped as usual. Do you do it that way too, or the other way around? It seems like it would work either way.

Marty said...

Marilee, I have been doing 1st half flipped as usual and 2nd half unflipped. It does seem that it would work either way -- but now I'm going to have to try it and find out. Thanks for the thought.

Unknown said...

Wow, Marty, I'm impressed! How cool that you diagrammed that lovely pattern out and everything. It looks great!