Wednesday, April 1, 2009

International Tatting Day

Here I am, sneaking in to say "HI!" for International Tatting Day.
Am I tatting? No. (I'm working -- yes, really, I am!)

However, I do have a picture of my original homework motif with some little computer assisted SCMR modifications suggested by Sharon Briggs. This would allow the motif to be connected to others of its kind to make a rather interesting looking mat.

Okay, I didn't tat today (YET!) but I have thought about it!

P.S. I DID tat at my niece's indoor soccer game. I made little blue butterflies and gave them away. There -- tatting in public, and giving it away -- that works for celebrating! :)


Tatskool said...

It looks perfect. Hope your chocolate/tatting day is a happy one.

TattingChic said...

Happy Tatting Day! Nice homework! WOW! :)

Anonymous said...

I was reading of your fascination with angles and geometry...and that can be seen in your work. Which I really like, BTW!
I Tatted on the ...never ending tablerunner today...I'm down to about 90 motif to go; so, have made headway and still 'slogging' along. hugs, Bev

Barbara Gordon said...

I so love this piece. It looks like a Victorian type which is one of my loves.

Donna said...

Lovely! I definitely want to try this. Can you tell me the size of the finished motif using whatever thread it was? I will use DMC Cebelia size 30. At this point I have only three balls of thread and they're all the same - being a newbie I haven't acquired a supply of thread yet. :) Thanks.

Marty said...

Donna, this one was done in a cream colored Opera size 10. It was like tatting with rope, but does show off the design -- if you click on the single motif posted March 21, to get the enlarged version, you can practically count the stitches. I do have a pattern for this one and I'll post it once I'm more confident that it doesn't have a lot of goofies in it.