Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Motif Diagram

There's no written pattern, but for anyone that can work from a diagram -- here ya go. Join to the next motif at the picots on the 8ds, p 4ds chains, at the small joining picots on the 2ds, p, 2ds, p, 4ds rings, and at the center picot (which is a larger picot than the other small joining picots) of the 4ds, p, 4ds, p 4ds, p, 4ds rings at the corners. I hope that is more clear than mud. Oh -- if you click on the image it should get you a larger size image. If it's not large enough to see, will someone flag me, please?


Valerie said...

Very cool, Marty. Thanks for sharing it.

Sapna said...

It's fine Marty, No worries... I'd like to try this one maybe in Variegated colors. Thanks so much for posting the diagram. I sure hope I can do justice to it.

Tatskool said...

You did great job on the diagram, thanks.