Sunday, May 3, 2009


InTatters is having a bookmark exchange in which I am participating. This is NOT what I'm sending -- don't want to spoil the surprise! However, this is my square bookmark pattern without the buttons. After all, who really wants buttons stuck in their books? It's made in size 30 DMC Cebelia thread dyed into "Day and Night Rainbow". It looked like a really good idea to me -- much harder to lose a bookmark that colorful than a little piece of white paper (which is what I usually use).
I thought buttonless was such a much better idea for bookmarks that I redid my butterfly bookmark buttonless as well. It needs more repeats of the butterfly top, I think. Of course, this is NOT what I'm sending either, so that doesn't matter.

Really, I DO have something to send, though, really!


TattingChic said...

How fun that you're participating in the bookmark exchange! I thought I signed up for this and I never got a message saying that I had a partner! Hmmm...

tattrldy said...

Both look very good! I'm sure the one you send is good, too. Hope they post on InTatters or elsewhere so we can see it eventually!

Carol Lawecki said...

Lovely bookmarks. I especially like the square bookmark. Is the pattern on the web somewhere? I also like the thread color. What thread did you use.

I didn't join the bookmark exchange, but that is what I have been tatting too!

Have a great day!