Monday, August 10, 2009

Fair Enough

The County Fair allows entries of things made within the last three years, that have not been previously entered in the Fair. These are the three crocheted doilies I entered. Actually, the center one was entered as a crocheted table runner, but it's my dresser scarf. The last one was made more than three years ago, but it was hand-dyed just a couple of years ago, so I entered it anyway. They all got blue and high blue ribbons (that is, considered for sweepstakes in Home Arts). I never did find out why I also got a $25 gift certificate from The Wool Cabin with the dyed doily. It must be something they give out themselves, but it's certainly nothing to sneeze at! We're going to go see what they've got. Wool Cabin -- sounds fibre-ish to me, and that sounds good.


Fox said...

Congratulations!! That purple doily is amazing!

A fibre store cannot be a bad place.... : ))

***Jon**** said...

Congratulations on your successes at the Fair. The doilies and table-runner are lovely and deserve the ribbons.