Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's a Chicken!

Actually, it's not a Chicken -- it's a Cockerel Bookmark from Dianna Stevens' Animal Bookmarks: A Tatted Zoo.

It called for size 20 thread, but I started it in size 80.
Ahhhhh, isn't that cute? Well, no actually it was very nearly tiny and sort of wimpy. I left of making the long bookmark tail and started over.

This is the result.

It actually is size 20! (Unusual for me, I generally just pick a thread I want to use and ignore what's called for -- ornery that way, I am). I used the Day and Night Rainbow my sister dyed for me on a
DMC size 20 cordonet base. Not only was the pattern fun, the thread is great to work with. I do think I should have made the tail feathers a bit longer (though not so long as those on the size 80), but I'm just figuring this is an immature rooster.

Well, really. I thought it was size 20, really I did. Got looking back and decided that I really shouldn't scribble this stuff off the top of my head. It's actually a DMC size 30
Cébélia -- but is really is the Day and Night Rainbow. :)


Tatskool said...

It came out great, must make one or two or more! Longer tail feathers I agree, however long I try to make picots they are always too small unless I actually use a gauge.

Fox said...

Something to crow about! Very cute and great thread!
Fox : )

Marty said...

Tatscool, that's what makes this tiny tail so funny -- I DID use a gauge. I just used the wrong sizes! It looked okay when I was doing it, but once finished it looked a bit funny.
Thanks, Fox. I really like all the thread my sister dyes for me.

Katie said...

Oh, he's so cute! The thread is so happy cheery, too.

When I started tatting, I was sure I never wanted to tat animals, but everytime I see one, I think how cute they are. This rooster is one of the cutest patterns I've seen yet!

Gina said...

This is one of my favorite whimsical bookmark patterns! Nice job and what a difference between the two thread sizes!

Anonymous said...

oh, this is right up Carol's http://caroltats.blogspot.com/ way. I think it is so cute. Well Done with the tiny thread. Tiny thread is one of my favorites.

Cathy said...

Denis happened to walk past as I was taking a look at this, and he said, "Yes, please!" (British for "I'll have one of those!") I always like coming over and taking a look at the beautiful goodies you make.

Steph's (tat) Stuff said...

He's adorable and I love the thread you used! Dianna Stevens' bookmark book is one of my favorite books to work from. The first time I ever used picot gauges was with the cockerel and the peacock, but they didn't come nearly as pretty as yours!

Val said...

cute roosters, marty. nice job.