Monday, December 28, 2009

Tabby Cat

You know why this cat looks so grumpy? I cut the whiskers off one side of the scan. Oops. They really are all still there on the bookmark. This one is for a friend who owns a tabby cat, so I thought she might like it. Like the snail, it is made from Lizbeth size 20 medium Harvest Orange, and a size 20 Omega orange variegate. It has a really long tassel tail. It can tease the cat while it hangs out the bottom of a book, right?

This is another from Dianna Stevens' Animal Bookmarks: A Tatted Zoo. There's a lion in there too, but I don't think I'm going to make it. Too many picots! I think it would prob'ly shed.


❦TattingChic said...

I think the cat looks grumpy because he is hungry. Look how skinny he is!

Carol Lawecki said...

This is such a great bookmark and I have made this one the most out of this book. Kids love when I make them this cat bookmark. Did you see the lion made from this bookmark?

I had to use the wayback machine to get the lionbookmark to show up.

Here is the link to her other patterns also using the wayback machine.

Happy New Year!!

jackie lewis said...

just caught up on your tatting. i thought this cat might make a good gift for bill. he likes cats and he reads a lot. you are always saying he is hard to find something for.