Sunday, January 10, 2010

Among Other Things...

My dad has a really little Christmas tree with built in fiber-optic lights which he puts up on a drum table in front of the window. I made this little ornament for it out of a bit of left over thread. This is some of the thread my sister dyed for me.
I happened to have this ring in my tote bag, too. I wanted to try Jon Yusoff's idea of putting a small flower inside the ring, as well as decorating the outside. Hey! It worked...but I ran out of thread before I got to the fifth picot of the inner flower. I'd left a nice long tail (which was part of the problem) when I started, so I had to finger-tat it back to the picot and finger-tat the other end up to the picot. All the thread that was left was enough to tie a thread loop. Dad liked it, though, and we hung it on his little tree. It might still be there -- he made a wooden box to store the tree in and just puts it away decorated. Clever, huh?


Arty Lady's blog said...

Wow, what can I say. This is just gorgeous; the design and the colour -WOW! I can't wait for Jon to get some more books and have placed my order. I also need to get some rings.

Great work.

wickedtats said...

lovely! i really must try this out too

Marisa Torres Torres said...

MARTY me encanta hacer frivolité y casualmente llegué a tu página, me quedé maravillada de ella y me hice seguidora tuya.
Seguiré visitándote para ver los trabajos tan bellos que vayas poniendo en tu blog.

Fox said...

That is so pretty! I love those patterns with rings and I do have both of Jon's books, but I have not really tackled the challenge of the ringed patterns yet!

This is one of my blocks - don't know why because I have done the easier patterns with rings successfully, but I think I am intimidated, nonetheless!

Looking at yours, I want to have a go at them!

Fox : )

❦TattingChic said...

Very cute! Your sister's HDT is very vibrant and I'll bet that looks great on your dad's fiber-optic tree!

The idea of putting a motif inside of a craft ring is not a new one at all! Nor is it Jon Yusoff's idea alone(no offense to Jon at all, I love her patterns)!! Sadie Allison certainly has some ideas on this published back in 2001 in her book "Tatting Over a Cabone Ring" for tatting teachers.

I have also seen this idea conceptualized in turn of the century tatting books (late 1800's-early 1900's).

It's wonderful to see this idea "recycled" through the tatting community once again!

Marty said...

Ahhh, TattingChic, what can I say? You are very likely correct, but I'm no tatting historian (my degree is in Colonial american history). I've never heard of Sadie Allison. It appears that I need to do some hunting around!
The first time I saw this stuff was on Jon's blog, then in her book. So, for me -- it's Jon's idea. :)
I guess it's not a new idea -- just one of those everything-old-is-new-again things.

❦TattingChic said...

Hi Marty! No offense, I'm so sorry if I came off like a "Know-it-all" since no one likes one of those! So, that said, I am probably not very well liked...oops! What can I say? (as you put it). I do not claim to be a tatting historian and I have a very different degree as well, as I thought that I was just sharing and apparently I sounded different than that so I am sorry if I didn't sound like I was just sharing.

Apparently, you are so right it's that "Everything-old-is-new-again" thing!

Marty said...

Hey, Chickie! I didn't mean to sound that way either. Drat. These comment thingies should be recorded so we can hear them, not written so we can freely misinterpret each other, eh? [Emoticons, gotta use more of those!] I'm just admitting that I have not done the kind of research you obviously have. We all appreciate learning new things! :)