Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jewelry Break

Very simple earrings on a ring and a pendant to match. The pendant would have matched better -- but I ran out of thread on both shuttles. The loop for the chain is a lock chain with a bead at every lock stitch. It looks quite nice up close and personal. I couldn't get a better picture (because I'm not a photographer).

These are made of a multi-colored metallic Oren Bayan thread and over 300 mini-seed beads. The beads are so tiny I couldn't even get my size 16 crochet hook through them so I could put them on the joining picots. That's right -- there are naked picots right there in that picture.

Just as soon as I get a padded envelope for the pasteboard jewelry box they're in, I'm shipping these off to a friend. She gifted me with a signed copy of her first novel and I'm doing my best to reciprocate!

Well -- back to the ornament covers. I've got another done, but am struggling with getting it on the ornament. After covering 25 of these slick plastic ornaments, I might be certifiable.


Koroneczka said...

Beautiful work! :)

Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Very pretty! I have patterns, thread, etc., but I still haven't tatted around rings... must do!

Carol Lawecki said...

The earrings are stunning! They look so shiny, like real gold. Your friend will love them.

What kind of book did you friend write? A Mystery or Drama?

How are the shuttles coming along? I'm getting anxious!

Happy Tatting!

Fox said...

A first novel is worthy of celebrating and it looks as if you have matched it with the perfect gift! These are sensational!
Fox : )

p.s. I looked for the naked picots and couldn't spot them!

Crazy Mom Tats! said...

oooo - lovely! Very Indian!

Your friend will really enjoy these. I know I would.

Carol Lawecki said...

Hi Marty, I think I commented on your blog and got this comment confused with another blog I had open. I commented on how pretty your tatted jewelry set was and that it looked like gold. Then proceeded to ask how the shuttles were coming along. I was thinking of Sally's Dh making all those pop-o-bobbin shuttles. So sorry for my mistake.

Carolivy said...

Gorgeous! I love the whole feel of these! They look so elegant!

M said...

They look fantastic, your friend will be impressed I think.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Wow - a 'First' novel! Is a second in the works?!! Congrats to her!

I've always been amazed how people can write novels. To craft a story with plot lines, and plot twists, and dialogue, is way beyond me! .

What a lovely gift you're sending! Is Oren Bayan thread only available on the internet?
I'm impressed that you have a size 16 crochet hook!

Your ornaments are also beautifully done.