Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jellybean Cornelia

"Cornelia" from Iris Niebach's Tatted Doilies is one of my favorite patterns. I feel about this one they way the Lace-lovin' Librarian, Diane, feels about the Spinning Wheel glass mat from Tatting with Visual Patterns by Mary Konior. It's like comfort food. :)

This one, however, is rather uncomfortable to me. I made it in Westminster, Colorado while I was at a seminar ...errr... last month. (Blocking has NOT been inspiring me lately.) I picked up the thread at a huge Jo-Ann's store there -- which I happened on quite by accident (some accidents are lucky). All the Lizbeth size 20 was on sale. This Jellybean looked pretty good on the ball, and there was this nice matching green. *sigh*
As it turns out, the green matched too well. The varied colored parts should be the rings, with all the chains solid. That's really how it is but NOT how it looks! The Jellybean thread green so exactly matches the solid spring green that it loses definition by also having some green rings.
Still, it's bright and cheerful and it is a wonderful pattern -- it looks complicated when completed, but is really very easy to do.


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Gorgeous! I see what you mean about the green, but I still love it! Maybe when I finish Stella Alpina I'll start another Cornelia. One can never have too many Iris Niebach doilies in my humble opinion!

Miranda said...

I don't think it loses definition at all. My first thought when I saw the picture was, "Oh, I love the way each repeat is outlined." Besides, the Jellybean is such a colorful thread that it would be hard to find a solid that would look good with it that wasn't a perfect match for one of the colors. I think this is beautiful.

Eliz (tatknot) said...

It is a beautiful piece. Love the pattern. It looks complicated at first glance, but is just rings and chains. Right?

Fox said...

Hi, Marty,
It is very eye-catching in the thumbnail! I am going to have to try that pattern as it is looks like fun to tat. You are right - it is bright and cheerful!
Fox : )

***Jon**** said...

I can't see any flaw in the colour flow of the variegated thread for this doily. It is lovely.

Maureen said...

It's wonderful! - and in those colours it reminds me of pineapples......perhaps I have been living too long in Queensland!

Bonnie said...

Very Beautiful. I really like the colors together, stunning.

Iris Niebach said...

Thank you Marty, this is soo perfect,also the color combination. I like this color combination more, than a clear separation between the flowers and the contours.

Isdihara said...

I can see the green rings, now that you point it out, but initially I didn't consider them to be distracting at all.

So, I see your point about wanting color definition. But I also think this doily is very pretty.

It gives us all food for thought about using color to its best advantage, doesn't it?

Perhaps you should try it with a charcoal grey for the chains? Or some other neutral. Or maybe a Linen? Then the green will just be another jelly bean, hee hee.

I do like the way this doily turned out!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

GORGEOUS! Even my DH said "Wow!". Your beautiful work is definitely a showcase for Iris's patterns, and I see she is delighted. I definitely plan to get her book(s) - I've wanted to do so for some time. (It's also great to see Iris blogging again.)

I'm also amazed to see how variegated threads work out on larger pieces. And the 'solid' green thread balances out this design perfectly.

Excellent tatting, as usual!

Leanna said...

I totally agree with Iris and Miranda: this doily IS too perfect, and I think that with such a fresh, lively thread such as Jellybean...a perfect match to one of the colours is a must. You are something else..your china cabinet --or wherever you choose to display this-- is going to have to sharpen up and look smart!
Now to get my hands on that book. In addition to those who can tat so perfectly, I marvel at these women who can design these beautiful things!!